July 25, 2017 Food Log


I wanted some eggs and bacon this morning, and had both in the fridge, so I cooked the former and heated the latter.  I also needed some coffee but you’re not supposed to double up on the BulletProof Coffee and actual food, so I just added some heavy cream and sugar free vanilla sweetener instead.  It was pretty good.



Technically, this counted as lunch.  Late afternoon I was feeling hungry and had the peanut butter and half a Lily’s bar handy.  This is an old pic, so both the peanut butter and chocolate are the wrong ones, lol.  I still had half of a flavored water from yesterday, also a different flavor, that I drank through the afternoon as well.



I went out in the evening and headed back too late to cook, so I stopped an an In-n-Out burger that I passed (don’t tell my fellow Texans).  Last time, I ordered “Animal style” thinking it was “Protein style”, which is a lettuce wrap so I wanted to try getting the right thing this time.  I thought it was pretty good, very cheesy, especially with the grilled onions instead of fresh.  Not sure how it came to 11 carbs, but that’s how it came from the official restaurant list.





My carbs were higher than I would like, mostly due to the peanut butter, of which I ate more of even after the chocolate was done.  My total carbs were 43, minus the 26 fiber, leaves 17 net carbs, which is better than I expected.

My steps were really good for a work-from-home day.  I did go to a park and walk twice around a pond, which contributed most of that.  When I got home, I also power mowed the front yard before it got dark, so that added some on as well.