July 26, 2017 Food Log



I had to grab and go this morning so I grabbed this Strawberry & Cream Premier Protein shake from the fridge and drank it once I got to work and my stomach started talking to me.  I did also have about a third of a 5hr Energy before I left the house but didn’t take time to scan or take a pic.



Snack Pt. 1:

Today was the celebration for July birthdays in my office so there was fruit and cake and, lucky for me, some cheese and summer sausage with crackers.  I got some meat and cheese and ran quickly back to my desk before I got anything else.





Today I brought the last serving of the Beef Stroganoff I made last week for my lunch.  If I ate the steak in little pieces it was easier to get down and otherwise was good.  I had the Powerade Zero with and after my meal.


Snack Pt. 2:

The mid-afternoon slump hit me as I’m still catching up from two poor nights of sleep so I ran downstairs and bought a Cherry Coke Zero.  I also had that cake on my mind so I had a few sugar free candies.  A kind coworker also told me it wasn’t that good of cake so that helped too.





I did some running around after work, plus I took the train, so I got back near home pretty late and grabbed some BBQ on the way to the house.  I only ate about half of the meat pictured and three wedges of the gouda, which I forgot to include in MFP.  I also only had half of the soda.





My counts were really good today, with the total carbs only at 12, 4 of which were fiber, putting my net carbs at only 8g.  Yay me.  The highest carb item was the breakfast drink, which is why I really only do them when I’m crunched for time.

My steps were super good today, mostly helped by walking to and from the train station and the office.  I also did some walking during the day and meandered a bit when leaving the office, as I wasn’t going to make the very next train and there was no big rush for the one after.




I weighed this morning, before I was even willing to turn on lights, lol.  I’m partially recovered from my high carb Sunday but not quite back down to my pre-Sunday weight of 216.  I’m getting there though and sometimes falling off that wagon helps remind you how important it is to stay on.