July 27, 2017 Food Log



It was BulletProof Coffee again today, this time with Sugar Free Cookie Dough syrup.  I was in training all morning so the caffeine was definitely needed, as was the fullness from the fat in the BPC, since we didn’t have lunch until noon.




We had a short time for lunch and I didn’t have any more leftovers, so I bought a plate from the cafeteria in our building.  Baked chicken with a side salad and green beans plus more caffeine to get through the rest of the day.





It was fairly late by the time I got home, too late to cook a whole meal, so I finished off the BBQ leftovers from yesterday with some more cheese.  The ribs were tender and delicious but sweet, which makes me suspect a sugary sauce was added while cooking, upping the actual carb count.  The down side of purchasing food is that you don’t know for sure what was put in (part of why I got the salad instead of coleslaw at lunch), which makes it harder to count the carbs.





I had this snack almost right after dinner, so this is a good example of eating to a craving rather than because I’m actually hungry.  I thought of this before I decided to eat it, but gave in to the craving anyway.  I sat right next to containers of Skittle and M&M snack packs all afternoon (and that chocolate smell travels) without eating a single one or any of the cake that was still at the office.  That on top of shark week meant I definitely having some chocolate tonight and decided to have peanut butter with it.





Despite the cave late in the evening, my carbs weren’t too bad for the day.  30 total carbs minus the 9 fiber and 7 erythritol from the chocolate puts me at about 14 net carbs for the day.  Since I suspect there was sugar on the ribs, I’m good with even 30 net carbs for the day despite it being a bit over my goal of 20.

My steps were fairly good today, since I went into the office but drove, which cut out my walk to and from the train station and office, and sat in training all day with no opportunities to go out and walk.  I did go walk downtown a bit after work, which most of the steps came from.