October Keto Krate!

Happy Halloween to me; my October Keto Krate came in with all it’s goodies (including some Good Dee’s, lol).

As before, I have unboxing and product images and info so stop here if you don’t want spoilers.  I’ll share my initial thoughts, if any, and then as I try each product I’ll add a review.




Good Dee’s Chocolate Cake Mix – 2g net carbs for 1/12 of the cake


I’ve had a cookie mix from this company before and they were pretty good.  They’re one of the few products I’ve had that produced the cooling sensation due to the carb-free sweetener used and I didn’t care for that.  I’m hoping the cake will be as tasty and without that effect (although mint chocolate might work better than with snickerdoodle).

I baked this cake and made a “denser” cake by adding an additional egg to the mix.  I also added a chopped up Coco Polo chocolate bar.  I thought it came out quite good, a good texture and decent sized pieces when cut into 12.  I purchased some sugar free frosting to go with it and it’s quite good that way.  I’m also planning to heat some and try it with some Halo Top ice cream and maybe try some with peanut butter.  Would recommend.



Sweetwood Bully Jalapeno Beef Bar – 1g net carb per bar


This bar looks tempting, it’s flexible and looks softer than jerky and easier to eat.  It reminds me of a beef stick without the casing.  Unfortunately, it’s Jalapeno flavor and hot and I don’t get along so I’ll have to find someone else to try it and let me know.  They do have other flavors and products so I might have to get a couple to try as it looks good.



Big John’s Original Beef Jerky – 1g net carbs for about 1/3 of the bag


To be honest, it just looks like regular jerky and maybe a little dry.  I like jerky though, and will definitely try it.  The description says it’s hickory smoked, so that sounds good.



Nush Banana Nut Cake – 3g net carbs for 1 cake


I’m pretty sure I’ve had one of these in a Keto Krate before, this same flavor too, and didn’t care for it.  That said, it does sound tempting as banana bread was always a favorite (although without nuts).

I still don’t care for this cake.  It has a different texture that doesn’t sit with me (I am a texture eater) and just seems artificial.  I’ll have a Know foods product any day.



Legendary Foods Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds – 3g net carbs/bag


I’ve never tried them but I’m pretty sure buffalo wings are also hot.  That said, I’m intrigued and will probably eat one just to try it out.  If it’s the flavor without the heat I think it could be pretty good.  The description states they have other savory flavors as well, which sounds exciting, along with nut butters in various flavors.


Raw Rev Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Bar – 3g net carbs


I think I’ve had this before as well and also didn’t care for it.  I don’t usually like protein bars and it seems like this had the usual, dense texture.  That said, the package did feel gooey and creamy so I’m hoping I’m confusing it with something else.



Protes Toasted Coconut Protein Chips – 4g net carbs/bag


I’m always excited to find a new chip substitute and am excited to try these out (although coconut is a weird flavor so will have to find something it’ll go with).  Also, mine feel like they’ve all been crushed by the BBQ sauce so I think it’s more chip bits than actual chips.  Even better, these are only $1.99/bag, which is about on par with normal chips.



Guy’s Original BBQ Sauce – 2g net carbs / 2T

It’s definitely hard to find a good, low carb BBQ sauce so I’m definitely excited for this.  Since so much of what I eat is 0g carbs, it’s a little hard to give up 2g for a bit of flavoring but could definitely be a treat (or marinade).

This is definitely something I’d buy again and, to me, the best item in this month’s Krate.  It is a little tangy but also sweet without overpowering the meat or other foods.  Also, 2T is a generous amount to add to a piece of meat and I didn’t have issues without having enough (or you could always add more for 1g net carbs per T).