October 15, 2017 Food & Activity Log


I slept in today as it was my only chance to do so and I was up a bit late last night.  When I got up, I wasn’t hungry right away, having eaten late last night. Eventually I decided to go ahead and skip the BulletProof coffee for a change and made an omelette.  I cooked some sausage and heated some bacon while the egg cooked. I sprinkled some shredded cheese on the egg and flipped it to ensure the top side cooked. I decided to go ahead and add the toppings without flipping again, so the cheesy side became a nice, crunchy cheesy crust. I was going to add some sliced American cheese with the meat but went with Velveeta for the creaminess instead. I thought it came out really good and it was very filling for only 6g of carbs, mostly from the Velveeta.  I’ll add that it’s the prettiest and nicest omelette I’ve ever made as well.  🙂




When the experimental bug hits it really takes off. I was browsing the fridge for a snack and saw some quickie cheesecake I had made, just cream cheese with some vanilla and sweetener whipped in. I thought with a little lemon extract that would make a nice icing for my Know lemon cookies, which are a bit dry.  Of course I had to try it and warmed the cream cheese mixture a bit to soften and stir in the lemon extract. I cut the cookie into quarters and heated it a bit as well. They went so well together I forgot to take a picture, lol. And the whole thing came to only 7g of carbs, which is high for a snack but not too bad overall, especially as the cookies are large and pretty filling.


I got hungry late in the evening and knew it’d be difficult to fall asleep if I didn’t eat. I wanted something light so I went with some meat and cheese roll-ups, with some mayo for the fats.  I’m out of nice sliced cheeses and didn’t want plain American so I sliced some Gouda onto one and cut a Sargento Colby-Jack stick into half for the other.  They both came out rather good, although the Gouda was too thick so it didn’t roll very well, lol.  I also prepped a salad for tomorrow’s lunch and cut up some chicken to make a chicken salad for Tue.




After eating so much the last two days, I wasn’t very hungry today and ate pretty light.  Altogether I only had 14g of carbs, well within my goal and macros at 4% of my calories.  My fat was also by far the highest percentage, which is also good.

Today was my active recovery day for MPC and tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day.  Since I started on a Tue, I’m a little off kilter for my average work week so I combined the two in order to start the new week fresh tomorrow.  For active recovery, I’m supposed to do a cardio activity of my choice for between 15 and 60 minutes so I decided to walk my neighborhood.  This got me 50 minutes of cardio, especially going uphill, and my steps for the day.