October 18, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


BulletProof coffee for breakfast today, with sugar free caramel Torani syrup for sweetening and flavor.  Only 1g carbs.





I finished making my chicken salad last night and also baked some cheese chips.  It’s the first time I’ve made chicken salad with chicken I cooked, I usually use canned chicken and occasionally rotisserie, and it was a little weird as chunks but had a good flavor.  The cheese chips came out nice and crunchy.  I had bought a new type, Jack cheese to tomato and basil added, and it was really good baked as a chip.  I’m looking forward to trying it as a slice on something as well.  The best thing is this whole, filling meal, was only 3g carbs.





By the time I got home I was very emotionally and mentally exhausted plus a bit physically tired so I just heated up some sausage and turkey and had that with some cheese.  What’s on the plate wasn’t near enough for all the meat so I did cut off some more cheese as well.  As this brand of Gouda was 3g of carbs per oz, as is the turkey, so they added up quick.  This meal, with the additional cheese, came to 21g of carbs.





I had a rough day at work, after being in training all day yesterday I had twice as much to get done and everything was urgent.  Also, today was our birthday celebration for this month so I had to walk past a bunch of food I couldn’t eat all day.  By the time I got home I just didn’t have any willpower left so I indulged in more desserts than I should have but did manage to still keep it low carb.  I first had this Know foods donut, which is chocolate chip like many of their desserts.  I had some Lily’s chocolate chips that I decided would go really well and help the chocolaty-ness so I had a few with each bite of the donut.  Later in the evening I also had a pair of cinnamon Smart Cakes I’d had in the fridge and decided to round it out with the last of a Lily’s Blood Orange chocolate bar that’s been floating around.  All of this together came to 25g of carbs since they essentially all scanned as net carbs, with fiber and sugar alcohols already deducted.




My carbs totaled 50g today, double my goal.  The macros weren’t too bad although protein was a little low.  As most of the items already scanned as net carbs, I’m not going to try to subtract fiber like I normally do.

On the flip side, today was my best ever physically and the first time I’ve met the goal in every category, thus the green screen.  I went into work today, so that always helps.  Then, we had a fire drill, meaning we had to take 8 flights of stairs down and leave the building, go across the street and down about a block.  When we went back in, some coworkers and I decided to take the stairs back up.  It took me a little longer than the others but I did go up all 8 flights and then later that afternoon I had a meeting on the 11th floor and walked up those 3 flights as well.  All of that added to my walk to and from the train station really attributed to to surpassing my goal today.

For MPC, today was my active recovery day and I was supposed to do something different than before, totaling 15-60 minutes of cardio.  I hadn’t intended that to be the stairs but I seized the opportunity when it presented itself.  I totaled 45 minutes of exercise/activity for the day.