October 19, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I switched things up today, not that you can tell.  I’d seen a cooking competition last night, Halloween based, that had horchata and I was in the mood for a Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce drink.  I enjoy the one they make so much I bought the sugar free version of the syrup but haven’t found it to go well with the butter and coconut oil so when I use it, I usually add heavy whipping cream instead.  I did that this time along with some almond milk.  The almond milk watered it down a bit so I added some more instant coffee, causing it to not come out at light as usual.  Heavy whipping cream has a lot more carbs than butter and oil, as does the almond milk, so today’s coffee came to 5g of carbs.




The down side of not doing a Bulletproof coffee with the fats is that by lunchtime I was actually hungry and HAD to eat something.  Of course, there was nothing ready to go in the fridge so I make a cheat version of this Spaghetti Squash Carbonara.  I already had this container with the squash so I added some bacon and shredded parmesan and microwaved and stirred.  I then added more parmesan on top and decided I needed more meat so I microwaved some of the turkey roast I had bought separately and added it on top.  I thought it came out really good and the saltiness of the bacon and cheese really helped offset the sweetness of the squash without having to add a lot of sauce.  I think I’ve made the actual recipe before as well, or one similar, and even my brother liked it.  I also had a diet soda to try and stave off the headache that was creeping up.  This meal came to 12g carbs, mostly from the squash and turkey.





Again, nothing really ready to go in the fridge and nothing in the freezer caught my eye.  Then I remembered my Know order had some with some “Slices”, which I hadn’t tried yet.  I pulled them out and made a sandwich, something I haven’t had for a while.  Nice and simple, with just mayo, cheese, and lunchmeat.  I had some of the dill pickle flavored pork rinds as my chips (although I just remembered my last Keto Krate came with some chips I could have tried).  The Know bread didn’t smell sweet but it definitely had a sweet overtone to it.  It had a good texture despite looking dense and heavy and the flavor was good too but the sweetness was a bit off-putting.  I think it’d be great as a toast or maybe with a PB&J though, so that’ll be the next attempt.  The Know slices scanned into MFP as net carbs, so the meal only came to 7g carbs.




I was still playing catch-up with work and had another super busy and stressful day.  I had woken up around 4:30 last night and was instantly fully awake and my mind was already to work and everything I still needed to do.  After a bit I did fall back asleep but it wasn’t long before the alarm went off, definitely not enough to get caught up.

I got a lot of work done but didn’t have much chance to move around during the day and was still mentally exhausted by the end of it.  Rather than go walk, as it was a muscle/strength day, I took a nap and it was lovely.  It did put me a bit behind on my evening duties though.  I had a late dinner and then did the exercises.  I did a bit extra on the warm-up and cool down to make sure I did at least half of my step goal.  I also improved in pretty much every one of my exercises, getting on average one more rep per 30 second set.

Carb-wise, my total carbs aren’t super bad at 25g total carbs but they are over percentage-wise.  My ratios are still good though, with fat being the highest, followed by protein, and carbs being in the single-digit percentage.  I’m sure there was some fiber in the squash that would make the net carbs lower but, since the bread scanned in as net carbs I don’t know how much of the fiber came from it to subtract.