October 21, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


Today I decided to have so eggs and sausage for breakfast, with some cheese sprinkled on top.  Easy and delicious plus only 2g carbs.




I got a little peckish mid-afternoon but didn’t want a full lunch as I was going out for dinner so I had one of these protein bars, as I had discovered some new flavors on my last grocery trip.




I went to a local game night this evening and it was held at an Italian restaurant, greatly limiting my food options.  I didn’t want salad so I ordered this Chicken Florentine, which is chicken sauteed with mushrooms and spinach in a white wine cream sauce.  Instead of the usual sides of spaghetti marinara and a salad I requested the sauteed vegetables.  I found a few option for this in My Fitness Pal and went with one that totaled only 10g carbs for the chicken (I only ate half of the dish, so one breast) and 3g carbs for the veggies, as it was mostly squash.  I didn’t test my tea before adding sweetener and thought it was really sweet; when they brought the refill I could definitely tell that the first had been a sweet tea, so I added some carbs for that.  If not for the tea error, I’d have done great on keeping dinner carbs under control.  I also had a fun time playing Family Feud with the group.




Snack Pt. 1:

Once I got home from my game night, dinner was starting to wear off as we’d eaten first and played after.  To keep carbs low I had 2oz of the smoked Gruyere cheese.



Snack Pt. 2:

I was a bit buzzed from all the sugar in that sweet tea and also had a craving for sweets so I decided to try a couple of the sugar free items I had bought at Buc-ee’s last weekend.  The peanut butter bars were much better than the other brand I’d had and the gummy bears were very juicy and full of flavor.  I’m not sure why the gummy bears scanned as gummy peachies but they didn’t scan as net carbs, which is why the total carbs for snacks came to 29g.  Also, according to the label, an actual serving of the gummy bears has 25g of carbs but 27g of sugar alcohols, so not sure what that’s about.




My carbs were super high today, mostly due to the sweet tea I inadvertently drank, at 40g.  Another 22g came from the gummy bears but 22 of that was sugar alcohols so they net carbs for those is only 1g.  Otherwise I think I did pretty good, especially on a day I ate out.

Today was my active recovery day so my activity today was to mow my front yard.  There’s a little bit of a slope to it so I got the three floors and 31 minutes of activity in.