October 23, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I was running slightly behind this morning and so instead of adding my butter and coconut oil separately, I added two tablespoons of a ghee and coconut oil mixture I had bought, along with the usual collagen peptides and some sugar free Hazelnut syrup.  As you can see, it didn’t incorporate as well as usual and didn’t seem as creamy as usual, probably due to not mixing in, but wasn’t too bad overall.




I was fairly busy at work today so I didn’t eat until almost 1pm.  I had grabbed and brought what was left from dinner a few nights ago, just some ground turkey, with some seasonings and such, with some riced vegetables.  It seemed like the flavors had soaked in a little more and was pretty good.  I drank on the Powerade for the rest of the afternoon.  With all the fiber in the riced veggies, this came to 9g of carbs.




With taking the later train in and then riding the train back, plus a stop at CVS to pick up a prescription it was 7pm by the time I got home.  I didn’t feel like putting a lot of effort into anything so I just cooked some sausage and rolled it up with some cheese in a large tortilla.  I finished off the flavored sparkling water I had begun yesterday also.  This came to 17g of carbs but the tortilla has 8g of fiber, which makes the meal 9g net carbs.




My macros are a bit off today, with both carbs and fat being high and protein being low.  With 25g of total carbs, I’m over my daily goal but 10g of that was fiber, bringing my net carbs to 15g.  Most of the carbs came from the tortilla (13g total and 5g net) followed by the riced veggies that were with the ground turkey.

I did great on my steps today due to having to do a bit of walking around in my building in addition to my walks to and from the train station and work.  I tried to take the stairs whenever I had to go up or down just a few floors so that helped as well.  I just checked the app and also met the calories burned goal which makes me want to do 10 minutes of cardio just to meet the goals in every category again (which is good that I even want to do that) but it’s bedtime and probably not a good idea right now, lol.

Today was muscle work for the MPC plan I’m following and I improved the number of reps I was able to do in each 30 second set for every exercise.  Lunges continue to be my worst and I’ve always struggled with those; they’re especially difficult after having just done squats.  I’ve improved even in those though, which is the important thing.  It’s great that the program has you track because I don’t really feel like I’m getting better at it but the numbers show that I am.

Finally, I got the notification today that I won the “Weekend Warrior” challenge in my Fitbit app.  I think it was only me and one other person but it’s the first time I won a challenge so I was quite pleased, especially since I hadn’t gone out of my way to accumulate steps but just got them in the course of this last weekend’s activities.