October 25, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


BulletProof coffee again, of course.  This time I punched it up a little by adding half a scoop of some low carb White Hot Chocolate along with the Cookie Dough Torani syrup.  It makes the BPC a little creamier and sweeter and more like a hot chocolate.  It does also add 2g net carbs but worth it as an occasional treat.




I had solid meetings from noon to 2pm so while I was listening to one I fried up some sausage and cut up my last 2oz of the smoked Gruyere cheese.  I also had a bottle of pear flavored water, with a little sweetener added.  This meal came to 8g of carbs, mostly due to the cheese.




I had pulled from the freezer a serving of the Tamale Skillet Pie and, as I needed something quick and easy this evening, went with that for dinner.  As it has a low carb cornbread base, it was my highest carb meal of the day, with 12g of carbs, 6g of which are fiber, leaving 6g net carbs.




Today my protein is low and fat is high but they are still in the correct proportions.  My total carbs came to 21g, close to my daily goal of 20g.  Plus, 6g of those were fiber, bringing my net carbs for today to 15g.

Today was my active recovery day for the MPC plan I’m following so I was supposed to do a cardio activity of my choosing for 15-60 minutes.  I found a class to try out but still walked my neighborhood as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  MFP originally loaded with 14 floors but then changed to 4 and I’m not sure why as I walked my usual route except the last street, which does have a pretty big hill but not 10 floors worth.  I had also made a quick trip to a grocery store and got some steps in with that as well.

The class I went to was called FX FIT Strength & Tone.  FX is the name of the gym and we essentially moved around for cardio while doing various weight moves with either hand weights or a “Sand Tone stick”.  It was nice and repetitive for each move and I felt like I decently got the hang of it for it being my first time.  I’m also pretty sure my arms aren’t going to work tomorrow and I did have to abandon the weights towards the end (if I’d realized it was almost the end I may have pushed through).  It’s held pretty late in the evening for me but think it’ll be okay on Wed. as I work from home Thu. and can sleep in a bit.  I do plan to go back but definitely not this week.