October 26, 2017 Food & Activity Log 



Surprise, actual food for breakfast today.  My local discount grocery got a bunch of boxes of these in and I bought two so I had to try one.  It was actually pretty good, even my brother liked it, and the whole cup is only 2g carbs.  What I got was only the Meat Lovers but they have two other flavors as well.  Also, they cook in the microwave in just a couple of minutes.




Surprised again, for lunch I decided to have BulletProof Tea.  I have a nice selection of teas and decided the Sweet Cinnamon Spice flavor would fit the fall season nicely.  I quite enjoyed it as it had a mellow flavor and was distinct from all the coffees.  Still 0g carbs as well.




I also bought some new Gouda cheese at the discount grocery yesterday and, before I went back today for a huge box of Halloween candy, I wanted to try it so I’d know whether to get more or not.  It wasn’t bad but also not the best I’ve had so I decided the two chunks I’d gotten yesterday would be enough.  I was able to find out it was Finlandia brand and came to only 0g carbs.



After getting the batch of Halloween candy I came back home to do some searching for a dental and the goodies everywhere were wearing on me so I decided to have a little chocolate and peanut butter.  Portion control on peanut butter is what always gets me so I broke off half a serving of the chocolate and just scooped a little off the top of the jar to go with each piece.  This worked pretty good and I kept myself to one loop with the spoon to smooth things out at the end.  Altogether this snack came to 16g total carbs, with 6g from the peanut butter, 2 of which are fiber, and 10g from the chocolate, 5.5g of which are fiber and another 2.5g are sugar alcohols.  This snack should come to 6g net carbs once those are deducted.




Having had a higher carb snack and not being super hungry, I decided to go with some meat and cheese roll-ups, spread with mayo, with the last of the dill pickle pork rinds.  It was easy to make and filling.  I used two different cheeses but didn’t notice that they had much of a flavor impact.  All this for 0g carbs.




I think I did fairly well on carbs today, with 18g total carbs and only 8g net carbs, due to the fiber and protein in the chocolate and peanut butter.  Both are within my personal goal to stay under 20g of carbs each day.  My macros were also pretty close to their goal percentages, with fat just slightly high and protein just slightly low.

I walked a little later than usual, waiting until after my mom called since it was so windy out.  I did my usual route again and this time MFP only counted 9 floors of stairs so I’m not sure what’s up with it.  Once I got home I did my strength building exercises for My Peak Challenge and either stayed the same or improved my number of reps within every exercise.  On some of these, I think I may have plateaued and really can’t do any more within the 30 second set while till keeping good form and doing the exercise right.  On others, I can definitely keep improving though and I am doing modified version of many of these exercises right now so I can move up to more challenging versions when I’m ready.