October 27, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


Back to the usual BulletProof coffee for breakfast today, this time on-the-go as I drove into work.  I went with English Toffee syrup today and the meal came to 0g carbs as usual.




Today Chevy was sponsoring free Fletcher’s corn dogs to celebrate their centennial.  Fletcher’s is known for being served at the Texas State Fair so a group of us from work walked a few blocks downtown to get some.  As is was a special treat, I did make my first bite with all of the batter and then after that peeled off the batter except for where the strip of mustard was.  I couldn’t find anything in MFP for one without the batter so I entered it as eating half of one since most of the carbs would come from the batter.  It was worth it for the fun experience with my coworkers.  This one snack, though, came to 28g of carbs.




Due to the snack so soon after finishing my BPC, I didn’t eat lunch until after 3pm.  I had pulled a serving of Chicken, Sausage, and Mushroom casserole from the freezer and had it with a bottle of Hint flavored water.  This meal came to 8g of carbs, 2g of which were fiber, leaving 6g of net carbs.




I went to a game night at a pub tonight and ordered this Chicken and Vegetable skewer meal, without rice and with extra veggies instead.  I also had three Vodka & Diet Cokes which were small glasses and mostly ice (which is why I got more than my usual 2 max).  The drinks are 0g of carbs and I found the closest match in MFP for the meal, which still only came to 6g of carbs, two of which were protein.  I feel like it was likely more carbs than that due to the tomatoes but I shared some of the zucchini with fellow attendees and after the corn dog I’m not stressing a few missed carbs anyway.





My carbs were well over my goal of 20g today, due to my unexpected but intentional decision to enjoy most of a corn dog.  Altogether I ended up with 42g of carbs, which is still under 50 and within the low-carb range, and 14% of my caloric intake, which is well over my preferred 5%.  My protein was also higher than it should be and the fat well under where it should be.  They are all still in the correct proportions though, with fat being the highest and carbs being significantly lowest.  The important thing is that I got back on track after the high-carb snack and will stay on track tomorrow and onward.

On the plus side, I went well over my 6,000 step goal and didn’t even go out of my way to intentionally gain steps.  Our group walked to get the corn dogs that morning and a coworker and I went for a walk during lunch (my usual to and from the train station and work all at once).  Also, in the afternoon I rented a bike in order to get my cardio in and we walked down to a large parking lot so I could ride my 1/3 mile sets without interruption of streets and traffic lights.  I think I did well for it being my first time on an actual bike in many years (decades) and I did each 1/3 mile between 2:11 and 2:38 minutes.  This is definitely over last week’s times that were in the 1 minute range but that was on a stationary bike so I feel like this week’s times are more realistic for actual bike riding as opposed to spinning the pedals as fast as I can (with resistance).  I’m mostly glad I didn’t fall off/over at any point.