October 28, 2017 Food &Activity Log 

Breakfast Pt. 1:

I started the day on the run, going to an early morning community yoga session, so I grabbed a little can of StumpTown coffee and added some vanilla to be able to drink it on my way out (no time for a pic).  No carbs for this meal.


Breakfast Pt. 2:

Right after yoga I had to run home and change before heading across Ft. Worth for an intro class on wildlife rehabilitation and was actually a bit early.  It was held in an REI, which shared a shopping center with a Whole Foods.  I’d only been in one briefly years ago so I went to find something for breakfast.  I wasn’t surprised they had a coffee bar but was surprised they served BulletProof coffee, making my decision easy.  I got one with the collagen added, as I do so at home, and with some sugar free caramel.  As far as I can tell, 0g carbs for this meal as well and got me through the 2-hour class without my tummy grumbling.




After the class, I went back to the Whole Foods to see what new low carb items I could find and try.  I got a few things but didn’t find as much as I had hoped.  One of the items was some pimento cheese made with Gouda so once I arrived home, I made myself a couple of wraps using it, a tortilla, and some lunch meat.  It was really tasty, as were the BBQ pork rinds I added as a side.  This meal came to 16g total carbs, 13g of which came from the tortilla.  This brand of tortilla is really only 5g net carbs so the net carbs for the meal should be 8g.




After a nap I took a walk to get the rest of my steps and get in some time toward my active recovery aerobic exercise (since the yoga didn’t count as cardio).  Afterward I went and got gas and stopped at Whataburger on the way home.  I got the bacon cheeseburger without a bun, as pictured below.  I liked that they included a cup of mustard, which I was able to spread among the lettuce and get a bit with each bite.  This meal came to 5g net carbs.


Snack Pt. 1

I had also purchased a wedge of “Red” Gouda at Whole Foods which, according the the label, is a young Gouda.  I was itching to try it so I cut off a bit of it and some of the other Gouda I’d purchased earlier this week.  I’d cooked this sausage earlier to have with eggs so heated it up as well.  Only 1g of carbs for this delicious snack and the young Gouda cheese was quite good.



Snack Pt. 2:

I was up a bit late due to the nap and pulled out a serving of gummy bears to snack on as I caught up on some DVR’d shows.  These came to 22g total carbs (although scanning as the wrong item) but the label shows a serving as having 25g carbs, 27g of which are sugar alcohols.  I’ll go with 0g net carbs on this meal.




My net carbs today are about double my daily goal, at 43g of carbs.  Between the 10g of fiber and sugar alcohols from the tortilla and the 22g of sugar alcohols from the gummy bears, the net carbs come down to 11g.  That’s not bad overall and brings the carb percentage into line.  My fat percentage is a bit high and protein a bit low but they’re in the correct ratios.

I passed my step goal for the day, thanks to the shopping and evening walk.  It was my active recovery day for MPC and I took a yoga class which definitely felt like a workout to me.  I also tried to make my evening walk a bit vigorous (but not overwhelming) in order to get in the aerobic exercise for the day.