October 29, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I had signed up for an early morning hike today and got up in time to make this BulletProof tea.  I went with the Cocoa Mint flavor and added some of a coconut oil and ghee mixture I have along with some Sweet Leaf vanilla drops.  It came out pretty good and I drank it on my drive to the preserve for the hike (it was dark until I got there thus the late pic).




On the way home I stopped at the same Whataburger and got two chorizo and egg breakfast taquitos they’ve been advertising, without the tortillas.  I’d only drank half of the soda I got last night so I had the other half with this meal.  They’re very accommodating about putting things in trays and I think I may have gotten extra because I put the filling in my low carb tortillas and they were overflowing.  This meal came to 17g carbs and, like yesterday, the tortilla is really only 5g net carbs, bringing the meal to 8g net carbs.



Snack Pt. 1:

As it’s the end of the week I decided to loosen the reigns a bit and have a Know cookie with some sugar free chocolate frosting I had bought to go with a cake mix that came in my last Keto Krate.  It was really good, especially the fudgy cake frosting, which I hadn’t had anything like in a while.  On the down side, this little snack was 58g of total carbs.  The cookie scans as 42g total carbs but is really only 4g of net carbs.  The 2T serving of frosting was 16g total carbs, 10g of which are sugar alcohols and 1g of which is fiber, leaving 5g net carbs.  This brings this meal to 9g net carbs.



Snack Pt. 2

I took another nap, having been up late and then up early.  It was a bit late by the time I awoke and I wasn’t feeling a whole other meal.  I went with two servings of peanut butter and worked hard to pull out about 1T at a time.  This comes to 12g of total carbs, 4g of which are fiber, leaving 8g net carbs.




My macros are terrible today due to all the high sugar alcohol foods I had.  My percentage of carbs is higher even than my protein, which is not good.  My fat percentage is on point but the rest is out of whack.  I know my net carbs were only 25g, once all the fiber and sugar alcohols are subtracted, rather than the 87g total carbs shown.  That’s still over my daily goal and, while not bad as a one-off, definitely something I need to ensure doesn’t become a habit.

My morning hike went above and beyond my step goal for the day.  It was supposed to be a group but ended up just me and the leader and she hikes there regularly and was moving quite fast.  It was a good workout to keep up with her even if today was my rest day.