October 30, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


As usual, I started my day with some BulletProof coffee, with hazelnut syrup.  It was a perfect way to start this chilly morning (on the train) and 0g carbs.




I had a busy middle of the day so I didn’t have lunch until after 1.  I was also really feeling that 2pm slump so, even though I brought a drink, I bought a zero calorie soda that I did drink throughout the rest of the afternoon.  I had that with the fish and green bean salad I had brought for my lunch.  Lunch came to 5g carbs, 2g of which are fiber, leaving 3g of net carbs for this meal.



My day was pretty slow and I spent most of it doing filing or paperwork type activities (snore) so I decided to try some new sugar free chocolates I had bought (the gold ones) along with a few favorites.  I actually didn’t eat the strawberry or mint chocolates so my actual carbs are slightly less that what I scanned in (I’m tempted to eat them now but have already brushed my teeth thankfully).  All these chocolates came to 29g total carbs; the four gold ones were 22g carbs, 21g of which were sugar alcohols.  I didn’t take pictures of the other labels but I expect they’re similar so there’s probably 2-3g net carbs in this.




I had a meeting about an hour after I got home from work so in the between time I threw a pork loin in the oven with some seasonings and then let it sit on warm while I was gone.  Once home, I steamed some broccoli and added butter and cheese.  I actually drank water with the meal and had the Powerade while at the meeting but included it in the pic.  Dinner totaled 7g carbs, 2g of which were fiber from the broccoli, leaving 5g net carbs.



Due to all the sugar alcohols, my carbs are high today at 41g total carbs.  My macros are also off, with carbs being almost as high as the protein and fat still in the highest percentage as it should be.  As the three main meals came to 8g of carbs so I’ll guesstimate 10g net carbs for the day, which is a significant difference from the total carbs.

I got in all my steps just from walking to an from the office and train station and the walking I did in the course of my day so I was impressed and happy with that.  It was really late but I also got in my muscle building exercises for MPC.  My number of reps within each set didn’t really increase much over last week but I felt I was more able to accomplish each of the exercises and they were less painful than previously.  With the month changing this week I’ll be trying to transition to the next modification for some of these in order to continue challenging myself.