October 31, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I went with Cookie Dough syrup in the BulletProof coffee today, as a change.  My order of new syrups is delayed so switching them up as I’m able.  Today it calculated as 1g carbs.



Snack Pt. 1:

I was manning a table downstairs all through the lunch hours, delaying mine, so I scarfed down this little snack before heading down.  A beef stick and a cheese stick, coming to 2g of carbs.




While sitting for my two hours, I lamented that I would not have a chance to go to Jimmy John’s as I could use that treat today.  I’d been told that they wouldn’t deliver as far as my office and decided to do an order and test that.  Happily surprised, the order went through and I got my meal delivered right as my table shift ended.  I got the Country Club, which is ham and turkey together.  Even better, I had a bag of pork rinds I could substitute for chips.  The meal came to 6g of carbs, all from the Unwich, although I’m not sure from what since there’s no fiber.  I enjoyed it anyway and will have the lunch I had brought tomorrow.



Snack Pt. 2:

Having sat and stared at a table of candy for two hours, including regular versions of the peanut butter crunchy ones, and knowing I had an evening of candy ahead, I got my fix out of the way through the afternoon.  This came to 14g total carbs but net carbs are probably only 1-2g due to all the sugar alcohols.




I had a good turnout of trick-of-treaters and had to pause the cooking of my sausage several times, but I finally got it done.  I figured I’d keep it simple and try to counteract the sugar alcohols.  I also had a bottle of the Hint water, to which I added some additional flavoring instead of just sweetening it.  Apparently a hint of flavor isn’t enough for me, it just tastes watered down, so I’m trying different improvements.  This meal came to 3g carbs.




My macros aren’t too bad, each within a couple percent of the ideal.  Also, my net carbs are less than the 24g total carbs due to at least 12g of sugar alcohols.  Overall, I did well on the carbs and macros today.

I had wanted to get my cardio in while at work but never got the chance before the weather turned in the afternoon (didn’t have a chance then either) so when I got home, the first thing I did was go walk and get in my timed cardio for MPC.  My times were essentially worse than last time but I was in a hurry to get out and do it and get back home before trick-or-treaters arrived so I likely didn’t apply myself as well.  I also did a slightly different route so I’d finish closer to the house, putting my last section in a different area of the neighborhood than usual.  Even so, together with all the walking around I did at work, I met and passed all my goals, earning the green screen of happiness and accomplishment.  I also finally did a screenshot quick enough to get the confetti on a section.  🙂



Happy Halloween!