November 5, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I stayed up pretty late last night, after having slept a good portion of the day before.  I currently still have a headache that was triggered when a front came through Friday afternoon, thus the lack of posting.  While I stuck to low carb foods, I did over-indulge in several of them (especially sweets).  Last night I did have some cheese to counteract the side-effects of all the sugar alcohols.  I also had some peanut butter.  I’m not sure if they should count towards yesterday or today so I’m including them here since I didn’t eat much after waking late this morning.



After I’d been up for a bit today I cooked some eggs with some ham and bacon and drank the second half of this flavored water.




For dinner, I kept it simple.  Just a couple of hot dogs with all the toppings.




As previously stated, I still have the headache for day three now but decided to stop letting it control my life, since nothing I would take or drink would make it stay away.  Since I skipped some exercising on Fri. and Sat. I started today as my new day 1 and month 2.  I completed my muscle building exercises today and, as it’s a new month, I updated a couple of the exercises to more difficult modifications in order to continue pushing myself.  I also found I’d missed in week 3 where an additional rep was added so I’ve done that for the exercises where I’m not modifying.  I also went to a yoga class this evening.

That’s it for now, off to bed.