November 6, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I kicked off the week with some BulletProof Coffee.  Rather than open a new pack of butter I used 2T of the ghee and coconut oil combo I had purchased.  I’m not sure why it doesn’t blend in the way regular butter and coconut oil does as it’s essentially the same thing but both last time and this time I had the same issue.  I’m not a fan but it’ll do in a pinch.  Plus, it’s still 0g carbs.




I was feeling a little off by 11, just tired and slightly woozy, so I decided to go ahead and eat my lunch and see if that helped.  It must’ve as I did feel better afterward.  I had one serving of the Tamale Skillet Pie I’d made and frozen a while back, which has 12g carbs, 6g of which are fiber.  My Bai Lemonade scanned with total carbs instead of net, calculating it at 18g total carbs for the bottle instead of the 2g net carbs.  Altogether, this meal came to 8g net carbs and I did drink on the lemonade through part of the afternoon.



Snacks Pt. 1 & 2:

Having eaten lunch early and without tons of work to keep me busy I munched on some nuts around 3pm.  I guesstimated the amounts and just used generic searches but this snack came to 10g total carbs.  About 3g of that was fiber, so this meal was around 7g net carbs.



Not too much later I needed something else to kick-start my mind and energy so I had the cheese stick I had brought today, which has 0g carbs.  Also, before I left for the day I had a sugar free Wint-o-Green mint, which scanned for 0g net carbs.




I had thawed out a couple of steaks this weekend so I cooked one of those and had the last of the green bean salad I had made with it.  I also remembered the BBQ sauce that had come in my last Keto Krate and decided this was the perfect chance to try it.  The sauce was good, sweet and tangy at the same time, and didn’t overpower the other foods.  Altogether this came to 7g total carbs, 5g from the beans which also had 2g of fiber, and 2g from the sauce, leaving 5g net carbs.




My total carbs were a bit high today, at 47g, mostly from lunch with the tamale casserole, which has a bread base, and the Bai Lemonade.  My net carbs, though, came to right around 20g, which is about on track for my daily goal.

I did well on my activity today as well, having gone into the office.  I also switched my MPC up a day, making today my cardio day instead of the muscle building day.  On the down side, it getting dark so early didn’t allow me to go out and walk like I usually do so I did jumping jacks instead.  Having not done them before I don’t have a comparison but they definitely helped up my “steps”.