November 7, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I had a late breakfast today and went ahead and made breakfast tacos, eggs, ham, and bacon wrapped in a tortilla with cheese.  Delicious.  I also had a bottle of flavored water, which I drank throughout the rest of the morning.  This meal came to 19g total carbs, 8g of which were fiber from the tortilla.  The ham calculated to 5g of carbs, which seems a bit high for meat.  Altogether, this meal came to 8g net carbs.




Snack Pt. 1:

Rather than lunch, I heated up a piece of the cake I had made (I’ll probably have to freeze a bit of it) and topped it with a serving of frosting.  The cake scanned with 2g net carbs and the frosting with 16g total carbs, 1g of which is fiber and 10g of which are sugar alcohols, leaving 5g net carbs.  This snack came to a total of 7g net carbs.





The highlight of my day.  My brother woke up and decided he wanted to order pizza.  I looked up the flavor he ordered in My Fitness Pal and with the toppings only, each slice came to only 5.4g of carbs.  He ordered the thin crust, of which I ate the toppings off three of the little squares.  I still counted it as two whole, regular slices to be on the upper side.  I had him order naked wings for me, which calculated with 5g of carbs for the 8 wings.  With them I had a combination of the new low carb BBQ sauce I got in my last Keto Krate and Bleu Cheese, which have always been a favorite combination of mine.  I topped it off with a Zevia Cream Soda.  This is the most indulgent meal I’d had in a while and it was pure heaven.  Altogether it came to 19g total carbs, which is pretty much my whole goal for the day but was so worth it.



Snack Pt. 2

We ate dinner a bit early and I really didn’t need any additional carbs but old habits die hard and after the pizza and wings I was craving a dessert.  I decided to try the little peanut butter bars with actual peanut butter, which was okay but not as good as I had thought they’d be.  The candies scanned in as 0 net carbs and the peanut butter had 12g of total carbs, minus 4g of fiber, leaving 8g net carbs for this snack.




I’m over on pretty much everything today, especially carbs.  If I’d known my brother was going to order pizza I definitely would’ve planned ahead and not had carbs for the two prior meals in order to stay on track as much as possible.  MFP calculated 68g total carbs for today and my math shows about 42g net carbs, which is more than double my goal for each day.  The important thing will be to get back on track tomorrow and not get derailed.

I didn’t make my step goal today.  After working all day I had a dentist appointment and got home as it was already turning dusky.  I managed to get the front yard mowed before it got too dark as my active recovery day activity.