November 8, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


The goal for today was to stay on track and get back to eating low carb.  After all I ate yesterday I wasn’t hungry for a while in the morning and didn’t make my BulletProof coffee until almost noon.  It was a cold, wet day today so this BPC with hazelnut flavoring really hit the spot.  0g of carbs as usual.




BPC is really filling so I wasn’t hungry again until after I’d gotten off work.  I had what I had planned to eat for dinner yesterday, a serving of chili with some riced cauliflower mixed in.  I had a small Powerade Zero with my meal, which came to 13g of total carbs.  Of that, the chili and cauliflower each had 2g of fiber, leaving 9g net carbs for this meal.




Since I ate dinner so early I started feeling a little hungry again after 7.  I settled on some nice, 0g carb cheeses as I hadn’t added any to my chili as I had intended.  My brother and cat each ate a piece so I had slightly less than was pictured.  This snack came to 0g of carbs.




As a switch from yesterday, today I’m well under my carb goal, with only 13g of total carbs and 9g net carbs.  My macros are close to their goal percentages as well, with protein slightly high and fat slightly low.

It rained all day today and, with highs in the 40s, I couldn’t bring myself to go out and walk.  Today was a muscle building day for my MPC program and I did complete the assigned exercises.  As it’s a new month I also ramped up some of them to the next level of modification.  On the ones I didn’t change I plan to add an additional rep.  I’m kind of surprised the step-ups didn’t register as stairs and the exercises in general didn’t register, since I was definitely puffing and working throughout.