December 5, 2017 – Egg Fast Day 2


Again starting with BulletProof coffee as a way to get in some fats; that’s usually the department I struggle the most in.




After I got off work I still wasn’t really hungry so this was really more of a dinner.  I took two hard-boiled eggs and sliced them before frying them in some butter.  It’s actually a pretty tasty way to have eggs.  I also had two types of cheese, just over an oz of each.  After this I hard-boiled some more eggs and did eat one of those plain while it was still warm.




I definitely didn’t eat enough today and expected I’d be hungrier but I wasn’t.  I had three eggs and probably about 3 oz of cheese.  I had at least 2T of fats from the BPC and one or two from the butter I cooked the eggs in.