December 7, 2017 – Egg Fast Day 4


No surprise, BulletProof Coffee to start the day.  It has 2T of fats, which makes it quite filling.  Depending on how it’s sweetened, it’s also usually only 0-2 grams of carbs.





I had a dentist appointment right after work so I didn’t have my second meal until late.  With the cold blast finally hitting Texas, I decided soup would hit the spot.  I’d had this Egg Drop Soup recipe during a prior egg fast and it’s quite good.  I decided to add a third egg, which turned out to be too much for the amount of liquid.  I also didn’t keep stirring it as the egg solidified so it got a bit clumpy in the center.  It ended up to be more like eating Chinese flavored runny eggs but wasn’t so bad I couldn’t eat it.




I had originally intended to also have some cheese after but since I ate so late, I wasn’t hungry afterward.  As such, I had 3 eggs and no cheese.  I had at least 3T of fat but am not sure if there was any additional fats in the soup broth.