December 8, 2017 – Egg Fast Day 5


And again, BulletProof Coffee for breakfast.  I don’t really get tired of starting my day with BPC because I have a nice variety of Torani Sugar Free syrups that I can flavor it with.  These really help if feel like a different drink each day while acting essentially as a meal replacement.  I do sometimes make a BulletProof Tea to switch things up though.




Today was my other day to go into the office this week so lunch was essentially a repeat of Monday’s as egg salad is the easiest thing to make ahead of time and take in with me (especially since eggs are hard to heat).  I had already baked the cheese chips on Sunday with the others so I threw those in as well.  I probably shouldn’t have had the Bai Coconut Water; it only comes to 2g net carbs for the bottle but has several grams of sugar alcohols, which I am supposed to be limiting during the Egg Fast as well.




I’m pleased with having lasted so long on the Egg Fast but am starting to get to the point where nothing sounds appetizing.  I had taken the two cheese sticks to work with me in case I needed a snack, so I just warmed a hard-boiled egg in a hot water bath and at it with those.  I thought of deviled eggs while writing this so I may have those tomorrow.




I did better today; I know on some previous days I’ve definitely not been having as much as I should.  Being in the office and moving around more helped I think.  Altogether I had 4 eggs and 4oz of cheese.  I also had 4-5 tbsp of fats between the BPC and the mayo in the egg salad.