December 9, 2017 – Egg Fast Day 6


A switch-up with the BulletProof Coffee this morning, I added some Pumpkin Spice syrup that came in my new Keto Krate.  There wasn’t quite enough in the two packets to overpower the bitterness of the coffee (since I usually use 1-2T and each packet was 1t).  I did also add a little vanilla and it was quite good.  I’m looking forward to trying the little sweetener packets that came in it as well.




I ended up running baking shows in the background today so was craving something sweet, so I made another batch of Cream Cheese Pancakes.  They were again delicious with the new syrup.  The cheese content was actually a bit low as one big clump, of about 1T didn’t mix in.




I was also having a bit of a pizza craving so I had the next best thing, some baked cheese slices dipped in Ranch dressing.  A favorite snack anytime.




I was a bit cheese-heavy today and too low on my eggs.  I only had two eggs and about 3T of cheese.  My fats were highest, with 4-5 tbsp between all the meals (Ranch is mayo based which makes it count as a fat).  I’d forgotten when I made the cheese chips that there was cheese in the pancakes as well or I’d have eaten an additional hard-boiled egg or two as well.