July 23, 2017 Food Log


I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up around 5 to move to the bed.  Not sure if I didn’t sleep well or just restarting the sleep cycle but I slept until almost noon.  I was out the door almost as soon as I woke up so late afternoon I ran though a McDonalds and got a chicken wrap and Diet Coke.  I got a fork with the intent of eating the chicken and lettuce off the tortilla but was constantly driving, so after at least 30 min I just ate it as-is.


When I got home, my brother stated he wanted pizza, as it had been a while since we’d gotten any.  I originally asked him to order me some plain wings but, considering the consumed tortilla, decided to just share in the pizza.  I hadn’t realized he also ordered the garlic knots and some delicious cinnamon pull-aparts, each of which I also had some of.



Having slept in, I was up late and, considering the carbs I’d already consumed, decided to indulge in a rice krispy treat, with peanut butter of course.



I’m actually surprised the carbs only came to 220, considering all the bread I ate.  It’s amazing to think that this is a typical day for many and used to be for me (not every day but probably similar counts).  The fiber only came to 8, still leaving me with 212 total carbs for the day.

The steps aren’t great either, but that’s what being in the car all day will do.

For me, the real trick is not getting derailed and getting back on the wagon, so that will be my goal for the coming week.