November 8, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


The goal for today was to stay on track and get back to eating low carb.  After all I ate yesterday I wasn’t hungry for a while in the morning and didn’t make my BulletProof coffee until almost noon.  It was a cold, wet day today so this BPC with hazelnut flavoring really hit the spot.  0g of carbs as usual.




BPC is really filling so I wasn’t hungry again until after I’d gotten off work.  I had what I had planned to eat for dinner yesterday, a serving of chili with some riced cauliflower mixed in.  I had a small Powerade Zero with my meal, which came to 13g of total carbs.  Of that, the chili and cauliflower each had 2g of fiber, leaving 9g net carbs for this meal.




Since I ate dinner so early I started feeling a little hungry again after 7.  I settled on some nice, 0g carb cheeses as I hadn’t added any to my chili as I had intended.  My brother and cat each ate a piece so I had slightly less than was pictured.  This snack came to 0g of carbs.




As a switch from yesterday, today I’m well under my carb goal, with only 13g of total carbs and 9g net carbs.  My macros are close to their goal percentages as well, with protein slightly high and fat slightly low.

It rained all day today and, with highs in the 40s, I couldn’t bring myself to go out and walk.  Today was a muscle building day for my MPC program and I did complete the assigned exercises.  As it’s a new month I also ramped up some of them to the next level of modification.  On the ones I didn’t change I plan to add an additional rep.  I’m kind of surprised the step-ups didn’t register as stairs and the exercises in general didn’t register, since I was definitely puffing and working throughout.


November 7, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I had a late breakfast today and went ahead and made breakfast tacos, eggs, ham, and bacon wrapped in a tortilla with cheese.  Delicious.  I also had a bottle of flavored water, which I drank throughout the rest of the morning.  This meal came to 19g total carbs, 8g of which were fiber from the tortilla.  The ham calculated to 5g of carbs, which seems a bit high for meat.  Altogether, this meal came to 8g net carbs.




Snack Pt. 1:

Rather than lunch, I heated up a piece of the cake I had made (I’ll probably have to freeze a bit of it) and topped it with a serving of frosting.  The cake scanned with 2g net carbs and the frosting with 16g total carbs, 1g of which is fiber and 10g of which are sugar alcohols, leaving 5g net carbs.  This snack came to a total of 7g net carbs.





The highlight of my day.  My brother woke up and decided he wanted to order pizza.  I looked up the flavor he ordered in My Fitness Pal and with the toppings only, each slice came to only 5.4g of carbs.  He ordered the thin crust, of which I ate the toppings off three of the little squares.  I still counted it as two whole, regular slices to be on the upper side.  I had him order naked wings for me, which calculated with 5g of carbs for the 8 wings.  With them I had a combination of the new low carb BBQ sauce I got in my last Keto Krate and Bleu Cheese, which have always been a favorite combination of mine.  I topped it off with a Zevia Cream Soda.  This is the most indulgent meal I’d had in a while and it was pure heaven.  Altogether it came to 19g total carbs, which is pretty much my whole goal for the day but was so worth it.



Snack Pt. 2

We ate dinner a bit early and I really didn’t need any additional carbs but old habits die hard and after the pizza and wings I was craving a dessert.  I decided to try the little peanut butter bars with actual peanut butter, which was okay but not as good as I had thought they’d be.  The candies scanned in as 0 net carbs and the peanut butter had 12g of total carbs, minus 4g of fiber, leaving 8g net carbs for this snack.




I’m over on pretty much everything today, especially carbs.  If I’d known my brother was going to order pizza I definitely would’ve planned ahead and not had carbs for the two prior meals in order to stay on track as much as possible.  MFP calculated 68g total carbs for today and my math shows about 42g net carbs, which is more than double my goal for each day.  The important thing will be to get back on track tomorrow and not get derailed.

I didn’t make my step goal today.  After working all day I had a dentist appointment and got home as it was already turning dusky.  I managed to get the front yard mowed before it got too dark as my active recovery day activity.


November 6, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I kicked off the week with some BulletProof Coffee.  Rather than open a new pack of butter I used 2T of the ghee and coconut oil combo I had purchased.  I’m not sure why it doesn’t blend in the way regular butter and coconut oil does as it’s essentially the same thing but both last time and this time I had the same issue.  I’m not a fan but it’ll do in a pinch.  Plus, it’s still 0g carbs.




I was feeling a little off by 11, just tired and slightly woozy, so I decided to go ahead and eat my lunch and see if that helped.  It must’ve as I did feel better afterward.  I had one serving of the Tamale Skillet Pie I’d made and frozen a while back, which has 12g carbs, 6g of which are fiber.  My Bai Lemonade scanned with total carbs instead of net, calculating it at 18g total carbs for the bottle instead of the 2g net carbs.  Altogether, this meal came to 8g net carbs and I did drink on the lemonade through part of the afternoon.



Snacks Pt. 1 & 2:

Having eaten lunch early and without tons of work to keep me busy I munched on some nuts around 3pm.  I guesstimated the amounts and just used generic searches but this snack came to 10g total carbs.  About 3g of that was fiber, so this meal was around 7g net carbs.



Not too much later I needed something else to kick-start my mind and energy so I had the cheese stick I had brought today, which has 0g carbs.  Also, before I left for the day I had a sugar free Wint-o-Green mint, which scanned for 0g net carbs.




I had thawed out a couple of steaks this weekend so I cooked one of those and had the last of the green bean salad I had made with it.  I also remembered the BBQ sauce that had come in my last Keto Krate and decided this was the perfect chance to try it.  The sauce was good, sweet and tangy at the same time, and didn’t overpower the other foods.  Altogether this came to 7g total carbs, 5g from the beans which also had 2g of fiber, and 2g from the sauce, leaving 5g net carbs.




My total carbs were a bit high today, at 47g, mostly from lunch with the tamale casserole, which has a bread base, and the Bai Lemonade.  My net carbs, though, came to right around 20g, which is about on track for my daily goal.

I did well on my activity today as well, having gone into the office.  I also switched my MPC up a day, making today my cardio day instead of the muscle building day.  On the down side, it getting dark so early didn’t allow me to go out and walk like I usually do so I did jumping jacks instead.  Having not done them before I don’t have a comparison but they definitely helped up my “steps”.


November 5, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I stayed up pretty late last night, after having slept a good portion of the day before.  I currently still have a headache that was triggered when a front came through Friday afternoon, thus the lack of posting.  While I stuck to low carb foods, I did over-indulge in several of them (especially sweets).  Last night I did have some cheese to counteract the side-effects of all the sugar alcohols.  I also had some peanut butter.  I’m not sure if they should count towards yesterday or today so I’m including them here since I didn’t eat much after waking late this morning.



After I’d been up for a bit today I cooked some eggs with some ham and bacon and drank the second half of this flavored water.




For dinner, I kept it simple.  Just a couple of hot dogs with all the toppings.




As previously stated, I still have the headache for day three now but decided to stop letting it control my life, since nothing I would take or drink would make it stay away.  Since I skipped some exercising on Fri. and Sat. I started today as my new day 1 and month 2.  I completed my muscle building exercises today and, as it’s a new month, I updated a couple of the exercises to more difficult modifications in order to continue pushing myself.  I also found I’d missed in week 3 where an additional rep was added so I’ve done that for the exercises where I’m not modifying.  I also went to a yoga class this evening.

That’s it for now, off to bed.


Progress Tracking – Fresh Start



November 5, 2017

I’m up by just under 1 lb this weekend over last weekend.  Overall, I don’t think that’s too bad considering I’ve not exercised and hadn’t been eating super well due to a headache I’ve had since Friday afternoon.  I still have it but have decided to get on with things as nothing I’ve taken or done has helped.

As this is my first weigh-in for this month, I also took my measurements, which are all fairly close to the original amounts and some have gone down slightly.

Measurements on 11/5/17

Bust – 41 in (down 1.5 in)

Chest – 38.5 in (down 2 in)

Upper arm – 14 in (same)

Forearm – 10 in (down .5 in)

Waist – 41 in (down 1 in)

Hips – 49.5 in (down 1.5 in)

Midway – 48 in (up .5 in) (this is halfway between your waist and hips)

Thighs – 31 in (up .5 in)

Knees – 20.5 in (same) (just above your knee, not the actual knee)

Calves – 16.5 in (down .25 in)

My stats for the last week aren’t as good as the one prior, due to my headache putting me out for several days and doing other evening activities cutting down on my walking for several more.  I got a monthly report, though, from Map My Fitness and I did pretty good in October overall.

Also, my macros from the last week aren’t too bad, with my fats being close to the target most days.  I do see a lot of days where my carbs were over though, so that’s something to work on.


October 30, 2017

Happily, more progress to report as I’m down another 2lbs this week, giving me 5.5lbs since I started this new tracker page.  I don’t think it’s helping that my highest carb days are right before my weigh-ins but I’m happy I’m still making progress.  With Halloween and shark week this coming week I’ll take every pound I can get.


Each of my apps provides weekly summaries so here’s a screenshot from each.  The first is my FitBit, which provides a nice overview of everything.  Then My Fitness Pal, which shows how well I’m meeting all my macros goals.  Finally, Map My Fitness, which I use to track all my walking.



October 22, 2017

Yay, progress to track.  I’m down about 3.5 lbs from last week, which is good considering I did have a few indulging days.  I think the extra physical activity is really helping and the more I do, the more I want to do.  I’m working on getting better with the eating each week and tracking in My Fitness Pal really helps me a lot.


October 16, 2017

Well, I’m exactly the same weight I was last week, lol.  On the plus side it hasn’t gone up any.  As I ate pretty heavy over the weekend I’m not too surprised but am more motivated to have a decrease come next week.

October 10, 2017

I can’t believe it’s been July since I did a post, it definitely doesn’t feel that long. I’ve been tracking my meals and working on being active most days but wanted to get back established in those routines before I came back to posting as it can be time consuming.

I’m ready now and it’s Happy New Year for me because I’m mentally re-committed, which is the important first step.  To help, I’ve joined My Peak Challenge, a nutrition and fitness plan that helps you work up to a personal goal, often physical.

As my day one, below are starting pictures and measurements.


Measurements on 10/10/17

Bust – 42.5 in

Chest – 40.5

Upper arm – 14

Forearm – 10.5

Waist – 42

Hips – 51

Midway – 47.5 (this is halfway between your waist and hips)

Thighs – 30.5

Knees – 20.5 (just above your knee, not the actual knee)

Calves – 16.75

This weight is with the above clothes, as pictured.

October 31, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


I went with Cookie Dough syrup in the BulletProof coffee today, as a change.  My order of new syrups is delayed so switching them up as I’m able.  Today it calculated as 1g carbs.



Snack Pt. 1:

I was manning a table downstairs all through the lunch hours, delaying mine, so I scarfed down this little snack before heading down.  A beef stick and a cheese stick, coming to 2g of carbs.




While sitting for my two hours, I lamented that I would not have a chance to go to Jimmy John’s as I could use that treat today.  I’d been told that they wouldn’t deliver as far as my office and decided to do an order and test that.  Happily surprised, the order went through and I got my meal delivered right as my table shift ended.  I got the Country Club, which is ham and turkey together.  Even better, I had a bag of pork rinds I could substitute for chips.  The meal came to 6g of carbs, all from the Unwich, although I’m not sure from what since there’s no fiber.  I enjoyed it anyway and will have the lunch I had brought tomorrow.



Snack Pt. 2:

Having sat and stared at a table of candy for two hours, including regular versions of the peanut butter crunchy ones, and knowing I had an evening of candy ahead, I got my fix out of the way through the afternoon.  This came to 14g total carbs but net carbs are probably only 1-2g due to all the sugar alcohols.




I had a good turnout of trick-of-treaters and had to pause the cooking of my sausage several times, but I finally got it done.  I figured I’d keep it simple and try to counteract the sugar alcohols.  I also had a bottle of the Hint water, to which I added some additional flavoring instead of just sweetening it.  Apparently a hint of flavor isn’t enough for me, it just tastes watered down, so I’m trying different improvements.  This meal came to 3g carbs.




My macros aren’t too bad, each within a couple percent of the ideal.  Also, my net carbs are less than the 24g total carbs due to at least 12g of sugar alcohols.  Overall, I did well on the carbs and macros today.

I had wanted to get my cardio in while at work but never got the chance before the weather turned in the afternoon (didn’t have a chance then either) so when I got home, the first thing I did was go walk and get in my timed cardio for MPC.  My times were essentially worse than last time but I was in a hurry to get out and do it and get back home before trick-or-treaters arrived so I likely didn’t apply myself as well.  I also did a slightly different route so I’d finish closer to the house, putting my last section in a different area of the neighborhood than usual.  Even so, together with all the walking around I did at work, I met and passed all my goals, earning the green screen of happiness and accomplishment.  I also finally did a screenshot quick enough to get the confetti on a section.  🙂



Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2017 Food & Activity Log 


As usual, I started my day with some BulletProof coffee, with hazelnut syrup.  It was a perfect way to start this chilly morning (on the train) and 0g carbs.




I had a busy middle of the day so I didn’t have lunch until after 1.  I was also really feeling that 2pm slump so, even though I brought a drink, I bought a zero calorie soda that I did drink throughout the rest of the afternoon.  I had that with the fish and green bean salad I had brought for my lunch.  Lunch came to 5g carbs, 2g of which are fiber, leaving 3g of net carbs for this meal.



My day was pretty slow and I spent most of it doing filing or paperwork type activities (snore) so I decided to try some new sugar free chocolates I had bought (the gold ones) along with a few favorites.  I actually didn’t eat the strawberry or mint chocolates so my actual carbs are slightly less that what I scanned in (I’m tempted to eat them now but have already brushed my teeth thankfully).  All these chocolates came to 29g total carbs; the four gold ones were 22g carbs, 21g of which were sugar alcohols.  I didn’t take pictures of the other labels but I expect they’re similar so there’s probably 2-3g net carbs in this.




I had a meeting about an hour after I got home from work so in the between time I threw a pork loin in the oven with some seasonings and then let it sit on warm while I was gone.  Once home, I steamed some broccoli and added butter and cheese.  I actually drank water with the meal and had the Powerade while at the meeting but included it in the pic.  Dinner totaled 7g carbs, 2g of which were fiber from the broccoli, leaving 5g net carbs.



Due to all the sugar alcohols, my carbs are high today at 41g total carbs.  My macros are also off, with carbs being almost as high as the protein and fat still in the highest percentage as it should be.  As the three main meals came to 8g of carbs so I’ll guesstimate 10g net carbs for the day, which is a significant difference from the total carbs.

I got in all my steps just from walking to an from the office and train station and the walking I did in the course of my day so I was impressed and happy with that.  It was really late but I also got in my muscle building exercises for MPC.  My number of reps within each set didn’t really increase much over last week but I felt I was more able to accomplish each of the exercises and they were less painful than previously.  With the month changing this week I’ll be trying to transition to the next modification for some of these in order to continue challenging myself.