May 27, 2017

Low Carb Transition – Day 1



I was feeling a bit nauseous this morning so I didn’t eat for some time. When I finally decided to try eating, I went with some plain scrambled eggs with bacon on the side.



Mid-afternoon I finished off the second serving of Lily’s chocolate and the jar of peanut butter.  Hopefully if I don’t open a new one right away, I’ll be able to resist the combo for a time.



As with the other meals, I had a late dinner.  I had Saffron Chicken and roasted Cauliflower delivered from a local Mediterranean restaurant.  It’s one of my favorites and is delicious while still being low carb (depending on what they actual put in the sauce).




I was up late and finished off my day with a low carb bagel from LC Foods smeared in cream cheese and with a side of sliced Gouda.


Overall I think my first low carb transition day went pretty well.  I tried to stick to and incorporate some of the egg fast components so I don’t get too off track.